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"I can make the land acquisition and development process easy for you."
Since 1981, founder Leonard Bustin has been providing real estate sales and development services in the Southwest Riverside and North San Diego County locations. His encyclopedic knowledge of the various locations with their land use regulations, demographics, values, available utilities and political climates can help you determine where to buy your next real estate site.
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Insightful and Experienced Thinking!
Luis wanted an industrial lot in a certain city. There was an industrial area near an airport and near the freeway that Luis liked. The city was considering rezoning parts to retail and Luis didn’t want retail. When we were at the site, a plane was approaching for a landing and was so low and close overhead. We knew that unless they changed the flight path, which was highly unlikely, that site would remain industrial, so Luis bought it.
Knowing Your Industry!
Bill was a part owner of a chain of assisted living/memory care facilities in Arizona who wanted to expand into southern California. I studied his criteria and helped him find two sites. 
Precision Thinking!
Carmen had a landscape company he wanted to expand, so wanted a lot for his trucks. However, he had to sell his restaurant first. He wasn’t sure how much it was worth so he asked me what I would sell it for. I sent the restaurant financials to a CPA business consultant to determine its value. I then asked Carmen what he thought it was worth. Carmen said the exact same number given by the CPA. I listed it for that amount and received a full price offer.
  I think like a developer, so I can help you best: Is there demand in this location for the intended build? What is the quality of the access and visibility? What will this location be like in the future? What is the availability and distance to utilities? What density and use can be expected with the current land use designation and if I want to change it, what will that involve? Is there a land use overlay in addition to the general plan and zoning? Do I see any potential issues regarding flood plain, environmental, soils or political objection to my project? What’s the best way to purchase this site; if a large project, do I need a release clause? Would it be more cost effective to use an option to purchase the next phase? Can I get time to approve entitlements prior to closing? These and other questions come with experience as each potential site and purchase is reviewed.
~ Leonard Bustin ~
"My Business is not about me, it's about you."
Projects/Case Studies
Sold - Land in Menifee for Manufactured Homes
Purchased, Listed and Sold  Land in Moreno Valley for Multifamily
Purchased and Sold – Land in Murrieta for Residential Tract
Land Purchased, Tentative Tract Map in Temecula Wine Country and Sold
Hemet Duplex Purchased at Auction, Rehab and Sold
Land Purchased in Winchester, General Plan Amendment for Commercial Use and Sold
Temecula Estate Lots Purchased and Resold
List, Rehab and Sell Homes for Freddie Mac
Future Tract – Farmland in Winchester Near Residential Tracts
Happy Client
"Hi Leonard, I want to take this opportunity to thank you for all your efforts in buying and then selling the land. You are a true gentlemen and an amazing agent. You have tremendous knowledge about land deals and I learned a lot from you. I look forward to working with you again in the future!
Thanks, Mohit "
If you have a matter with land that requires someone with experience and knowledge of local development, look no further. I’m here to help. Let me know about your next 
real estate project! 
- Leonard
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